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The thing about Agency Dub Collective is there really is no other band that sounds quite like them. It's probably because they started playing live dub in Australia in the late 1990s, well before live dub existed there as a genre. Forging their own path, with a true DIY ethos, they recorded their grimy debut album 7th Listen in January 2000. Tracked in between garages and tin sheds on pre-loved reel-to-reel and 4-track tape machines, it remains to this day an anarchic post-hardcore / gangsta-dub odyssey.

They have toured Australia extensively, played at most of its major festivals, and self- produced a sizeable discography, all without mainstream backing or handshakes with shadowy corporate financiers. Their sixth album $0$ (2008) finally saw them sign to the befittingly subversive Sydney-based label Foreign Dub. By this time, the band had refined their trademark roots-vibe dub-hop style and $0$ quickly sold out, necessitating a second pressing.

For over a decade Agency Dub have provided an original voice on the Australian live music scene. Their music is steeped in classic sounds, yet constantly pushing into unexplored sonic territories, awash with spacey sounds and ever-heretical lyrics.

After a year's sabbatical from the live circuit, ADC are touring the East Coast of Australia in July 2012 with their new EP Inch Nor Mile - a collection of radio mixes, extended dub mixes and remixes from their much-anticipated seventh album Beggars Belief.

Beggars Belief will be released on 24 November 2012, with an Australia/New Zealand tour slated for summer 2012/2013. Whatever the future holds, it is clear that Agency Dub Collective cannot and will not be shut down.

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Contact: Elrond Veness
M: +61 (0) 432 867 858

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