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A Brief History of Agency Dub Collective…
ADC is born when a collective of friends from different musical backgrounds begin jamming with an idea to create something original. Salient features of the resultant genre-defying music are elements of dub, hiphop & rock with a strong revolutionary and political focus to the lyrics. Part of a lively underground scene playing wild parties in Canberra and Wollongong. ADC launch into playing venues with their first official public show in November 1999 @ Finnigans, Dickson: “A Night of Dub-Hop Mayhem” – a mix of dub, hiphop, rock and craziness combining live instruments, decks, analog synths and samples. Line-Up: O’Zak, Fideos (now known as Dub Ninja), Wulong (nka Rondos), Elliot, Turnock, D-Mon.

Fire of insight is what we sparkin
New Years Eve @ The Channon, Northern NSW. Big Millenial party in the country. ADC play alongside North Coast hiphop legend Krisdafari and the ever-tasty engineer and host SinDen.

Beginning in Janaury, ADC independently record and mix their first album “Seventh Listen” onto analogue tape, using the limited equipment at their disposal - two 4-track tape machines and a handful of cheap mics. ADC play numerous shows in Canberra with line-up varying show to show, true collective style, around the core of O’Zak/Wulong/Fideos. The style morphs towards a smoother funk-influenced dub fusion sound with horns (Hacking Lung Neruda) and turntables (Lethal Leeroy). In late 2000, ADC record their first live album “The Institute of Happiness” at the now-defunct Gypsy Bar. Line up for this album is: O’Zak, Fideos, Wulong, Leeroy and Neruda.

ADC play their first Melbourne gig at the now-defunct Punters Club sometime in Jan/Feb 2001, at which Neruda falls off stage, breaks his arm and is off to hospital in an ambulance shortly before playing - but the show goes on, minus sax.
Melbourne has an immediate impact upon O’Zak. He relocates there, and forms a pure dub outfit called The Cabal.
ADC goes through a quiet phase following the exit of the strong front man and organizer. The remaining members experiment with live drum’n’bass and involve themselves with some other projects, including Skyfarmer, the phoenix-like reincarnation of earlier band Optimus Prime.
Had enough of the scriptures; tired ancient fixtures, lies, blatant quick fixes and political mischiefs

ADC comes back into effect with a new hybrid sound of funk/hiphop with a strong party vibe and less emphasis on dub and politics. During this time, ADC is a vibrant crew with two front men, rapping and singing, with lots of vocal harmonies. This line-up records “Rhymes from the Bubble”. Line-up: Jamie, Kahl, Kurt, Rondo, Rojo (aka Dub Ninja) & Pablo, with overdubs by Lee & Shae.

The band relocates to Melbourne. Rojo also joins The Cabal, re-uniting with O’Zak. ADC spends time writing & rehearsing new material in Sunbury, and recruits new members. First gig as a Melbourne band is at The Evelyn in Fitzroy, April 2003, followed by numerous live shows throughout Melbourne.

Significant year of changes. First East Coast tour of Oz, followed by loss of front man / manager. Resurgence of strong dub flavour with political edge. New EP born out of these turbulent times “Digging Under Babylon”, featuring 3oB, Rojo, Rondo, Kurt, Paul, Turnock. Jono becomes an integral part of the live sound of ADC as regular dub engineer.

Yet again further changes to line-up... T-Rev, the Dark Horse, steps into the fold on bass duties and G-Fresh on keys. Sound evolves towards a more cohesive dub/dancehall/roots style. Busy year of regular local shows, festivals and more interstate touring. Recording of second Melbourne EP begins in October 2005 (@ Toora).
respect the soundboy comin with nuff freshness
Monster Dub Insurgency tour of the East Coast (NSW/ACT/QLD) Dec 2005 – Jan 2006

Work is completed on the 7-track EP “Insurgency”. ADC also cuts a 6-track version of Insurgency to vinyl (the band's first vinyl release). Insurgency EP launch takes place at Bar Open, Fitzroy, Victoria on 24th April 2006, followed by interstate tours and festival appearances through the rest of the year. Line-up for this release: Dub Ninja, Rondos, 3oB, T-Rev, G-Fresh, Turnock, Jono.

Agency Dub begin recording their next album [SOS] in May 2007 at Bakehouse Studios with same line-up as previous album. Recording is done direct to 16-track analogue tape, sessions are engineered by Malicine (Jon). Overdubs, production and mixing of the album is carried out at Liam O'Connell's Spec Bona studio. Dub Ninja, long time ADC drummer, moves to Japan in June. Sam Young takes over the role.

The "Undiscovered Waters / Merdeka" two-track promo single is released in October 2007 - also known as the "2007 Commemorative 'Bring Down Baldhead' single".

SOS Single Tour along the East Coast of Australia in March/April in lead-up to album release. SOS is released on May Day 2008 at The East Brunswick Club in Melbourne.
never fall, be bold. rebel.

The Dark Horse and G-Fresh leave the fold. Replacements are Pat Kilby on bass and The Brain on keys/synths. The new line-up begins rehearsing and writing new material around Sept 2008. On 27 Dec 2008 at Transit Bar, the Collective puts on an unusual Reunion Show, which features two versions of the band on the one bill - a "circa 2000" version of Agency Dub playing tunes from that era, alongside the 2008 incarnation of Agency Dub.

First show in Tasmania at Alley Cat Bar Hobart on 30 Jan 2009 followed by Oz East Coast tours and numerous Melbourne shows with the new line-up, road-testing tunes for the next album.

The year kicks off with a spot at Rainbow Serpent festival, and also sees the band play their first show in NT at Wide Open Space festival near Alice Springs in Central Australia. Rhythm tracks for album #7 are recorded at Fat Sound Studios in August. ADC close the year with a spot at FRL festival.

Are you a sentient human being, not agreein with the trip that ya seein?
After re-launching a new pressing of SOS and playing at Summer Rhythm Festival in February, Agency Dub takes a self-imposed hiatus from the live circuit to complete overdubs, edits and production work on album #7. In Dec 2011 Dub Ninja returns from Japan and re-joins the collective. The chemistry is instantaneous, and a new stripped-down 4-piece line-up writes a number of new tunes destined for album #8.

With album #7 nearing completion, ADC kicks back into live performance mode with a show on 3rd March at 303 in Melbourne.
July 2012: ADC tours Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney to launch the "Inch Nor Mile" EP - a 5-track collection of mixes from the coming album.

The full length "Beggars Belief" album is released on 24 November 2012 with a launch show at The Espy Hotel in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Summer 2012/2013:
Agency Dub completes the extensive 20-show, 10,000km "Beggars Belief" Australian tour

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