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Beggars Belief [2012]

Agency Dub's 4th Melbourne release, with tracks produced by Lotek, Composite, Dub Ninja and 3oB. A true mash-up of roots and electronic sounds, featuring heavyweight spacious riddim sound with incendiary rub-a-dub and sweet vocal harmonies.

1. Sub Detonator (Dub)
2. New Galaxy
3. Won't Burn
4. Get Irie
5. Flip The Cent
6. Inch Nor Mile
7. Time Ta Strike
8. Boss Dub
9. Bail Out
10. Fire Ignited
11. Flip The Cent (3oB version)
12. Sub Detonator (3oB version)

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.
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SOS (aka $0$) [2008]

A beautifully produced 13-track opus of revolutionary original dub, rugged dancehall and roots reggae. Released in Australia on May Day 2008 on the Foreign Dub label, through MGM Distribution. This album features guest vocalists on a number of tracks, including Elf Tranzporter, Wayne Lotek and Krisdafari, traversing the common ground between dub, reggae, dancehall and hiphop.

1. Recognise
2. Medeka
3. Way of Life
4. Rubadub Collective ... [featuring Krisdafari]
5. Brazil
6. Undiscovered Waters ... [featuring Sarah McDonald]
7. Innocence
8. Sentient (Human Being) ... [featuring Elf Tranzporter]
9. Had Enough
10. Infinite ... [featuring Wayne Lotek]
11. Don't Waste It
12. 5-Steppa
13. Cry In Shame
[14. Infinite (Finite Reprise)] [Hidden Track]

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Insurgency [2006]

A cohesive blend of truly original Australian dub and dancehall tracks. This 7-track EP, backed up by summer tours and radio support, proved a popular independent release, with solid sales through independent record stores from Melbourne to Byron Bay. Also pressed as a 6-track limited edition vinyl release of 300.

1. Comin Correct
2. Comrades
3. Bullethole and a Book
4. Light It Up in Dub
5. Dark Soulz
6. Who Be Comin Thru?
7. OI Dancehall

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Digging Under Babylon [2004]

Agency Dub Collective's first Melbourne release, this signalled the move back to the band's dub roots. Funky horn-laden dub-reggae spiced with dashes of soul, drum'n'bass, breaks and triphop. This album was the first to feature front man 3oB, who remains to this day the group's lead vocalist and lyricist.

1. Back To Roots
2. Eerie Dub
3. Love Thing
4. Monkey Suits
5. Spacious and the Sparsest
6. True Soulz
7. Dope (heavyweight styles)

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Rhymes From the Bubble [2002]

Last of the Canberra releases, this album captured a fusion of reggae, hiphop, funk, latin and dub. At this time, Agency Dub Collective featured two front men (James Marshall and Kahl Hopper). A vibrant party album, with multiple vocalists and strong vocal harmonies.

1. Smokescreen
2. Every Day
3. Assess The Situation
4. Happy To Be Sad
5. Head Space
6. World Affairness
7. Escape From H.K.
8. Chill Out
9. Cross Kultcha
10. Twin Towers
[11. Sleep Deprivation Dub] [Hidden Track]

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Institute of Happiness [2001]

Recorded at the Gypsy Bar on 2nd December 2000, this live album captured the wild energy and anarchic magic of those early pioneering shows with live instruments, decks, samples and analog synths. This was the last album to feature front man O'Zak on vocals, and contains a number of tunes never recorded in a studio setting. Another limited release, only sold at live shows.

1. 6 For the Sleuth-Hounds
2. Goats Groove
3. Western Lands
4. Secret Agent Sabotage
5. South Pacific Dubrise
6. International Ozmosis
7. D Minority Dub
8. Terminal Response
9. Inside the Agency

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Seventh Listen [2000]

A cult classic, with only a few hundred printed and sold at shows. Hard-edged dub fusion, unlike anything around at the time. It was recorded in rugged DIY style on two 4-track tape machines in a garage in January 2000. Although rough around the edges, for sheer originality, humour, classic riffs and samples, the songs stand the test of time - truly an "anarchic gangsta-dub odyssey".

1. Goats Groove
2. Oppressor Man
3. Fence Jumper
4. Limestone Avenue
5. Feck Show
6. Western Lands

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